Welcome to the Landscape Commission Page!

If you came here looking for landscape paintings, you've come to the right place!
I paint landscapes on a commission basis which work on an hourly rate for different sizes! If you want a custom size, a custom selected commission is the option for you.
See below for some sample sizes and prices of previous commissions. Remember that these are not set in stone, each commission is priced differently per rate.
Small painting on wood 
8x10 canvas painting
12x16 canvas painting
Custom Size
----- $80-$150
----- $150-$230
----- $250-$400
----- Custom
How custom rates are calculated:
I calculate rates based on the painting hours and supplies. I charge a rate for each hour I work on the painting. The hours spent usually depends on the size of the painting but mostly on the complexity of the photo being painting. Canvas painting often take longer than paintings on wood as well. 
There is a mandatory $50 deposit as well.
If you decide to go with this option, we will talk more about this over the commission process! 
Please email kelsey@sunearthmoon.ca if you have further questions
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