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Digital Drawing Commissions

Digital commissions in the style of my national park artwork are available!

Please note that commissions are completed in the order that they are placed. Currently, commission first drafts are completed in about 2-4 weeks after purchased. This may vary based on time of year.


Please email me at to start the commission process. We can discuss pricing options and the timeline of completion. Certain projects with wholesale deals attached may see reduced pricing. Multi-artwork projects (5 drawings or greater) may see reduced pricing as well. Rough pricing is below but this is not set and may vary depending on what the project is.

The following prices are in CAD


Digital drawings for personal use (not to be resold)

  • Digital file ----- $175

  • Digital file + text design ----- $190

  • Digital file + text design + 8.5x11 print ----- $226

Digital drawings for one time resale/redistribution projects with rights belonging to the artist OR digital drawings with multiple drafts and extensive work

  • Digital file ----- $240

  • Digital file + text design ----- $255

Digital drawings for resale/redistribution projects (licensing of artwork)

  • Digital file ----- $290 + licensing fee tbd

  • Digital file + text design ----- $305 + licensing fee tbd

Please contact for licensing fees. Some projects may vary in price. 

Sample Commissions