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Shipping Q/A

How is shipping calculated?

- Shipping rates go by weight and size of the products that you have ordered. Prints, postcards, and other thin and lightweight products can go as untracked letter mail, making them the most affordable. Larger and heavier products like wood prints and apparel are more expensive to ship.

What is shipping like in Canada?

- Within Canada, any packages thicker than 2cm and heavier than 500 grams must be sent as a tracked parcel which takes about 2-6 business days. Anything lighter and smaller can be sent as untracked letter mail which takes about 5-10 business days. 

- Free shipping is available on orders above $100 (CAD). 

What is shipping like to the US?

- To the US, only documents like prints and postcards can be sent as untracked letter mail, which takes about 10-15 business days, though delays by a few extra business days can occur to certain states. Shipping is usually fastest to the west coast from my location.

- For packages to the US, it is highly recommended that you purchase tracked shipping so that you can keep track of your mail. Any products that are not documents must be sent as small packets or parcels. These can be ordered with or without tracking, and arrive a little more quickly, around 8-12 business days, but may take the same amount as an untracked letter for the untracked option. Rates are pre-calculated at the checkout for what type of parcel your order needs to be sent as. The price difference for untracked versus tracked shipping for small packets and parcels is minimal, so it is recommended that you order tracked shipping if you are ordering non-document products. 

- Free shipping is available on orders above $100 (CAD).

What is shipping Internationally like?

- Packages can be shipped internationally to all developed countries. There are three different options for shipping. International surface shipping ships parcels by sea, which can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks. This method automatically is available for letter mail too, but letters are faster, often around 3-4 weeks. International air shipping ships by plane and arrives in about 10-15 business days. Both of these options are untracked but give you the option for a more affordable shipment, but I highly suggest shipping by air for a faster delivery. The last option is tracked shipping, which can be very expensive but is necessary if you want to keep tabs on your shipment.

Do you know where my shipment is, can you track it?

- Unfortunately, I cannot track any packages that have not had paid tracking in the order. It is impossible to track untracked mail and parcels. We both have to wait for the package to arrive or be returned and then we can work out a solution to get your order back to you depending on the reason for the return.

My order was returned, how can I get it back?

- Depending on the reason for the return, I will either send you a new order or I will wait for the return and send it back. If the address you had in your order was correct and legitimate, then I will send the order back to you free of charge. If the order was returned because you were not available to accept it or the address was incorrect, then you have to pay for shipping again to send it out. 

For any more information, email me :)

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