Welcome to the Pet Commission Page!

If you came here looking for pet paintings, you've come to the right place!
All 8x8 and 12x12 paintings come on a thick 1.5 inch gallery canvas.
I paint pets on a commission basis which works on a flat rate for different sizes! If you want a custom size, a custom selected commission is the option for you. See below for all the options!!
8x8 Pet Portrait
12x12 Pet Portrait
16x20 Multi Pet or Large
Custom Size
----- $120
----- $180
----- $250
----- Custom Rate
How custom rates are calculated:
I calculate rates based on the painting hours and supplies. I charge a rate for each hour I work on the painting. The hours spent usually depends on the size of the painting and/or the complexity of the pet/pets. I also add on the costs of the supplies, including the canvas. There is a mandatory $50 deposit as well.
If you decide to go with this option, we will talk more about this over the commission process! 
Please email kelsey@sunearthmoon.ca for any questions!
Commission Form
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